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2024 Caucus Resolutions

Here are links to resolutions health justice advocates are using to work toward more equitable healthcare here in Minnesota.  You may wish to talk with legislators and delegates in your area to help pass these resolutions in your precinct and, eventually, at the state level.

Save Medicare from Privatization Resolution (DFL)

Universal, Single-Payer Healthcare Resolution (DFL)

Public Programs Direct Payment Resolution (DFL)

Medical Assistance Freedom to Choose Resolution (DFL)

Minnesota Universal Single-Payer Advancement Project

HCA-MN is working with some others on a plan to raise the profile of universal, single-payer healthcare in the Minnesota State Legislature through the 2024 caucus, delegate and convention process.  If you wish to help in our efforts to raise the profile of universal, single payer health care in the legislature by becoming a delegate at the February 27, 2024 caucus, please consider joining us!

To learn more about this project, you can watch the recording of our informational session by CLICKING HERE!

To sign up to help with this project, please fill out the interest form by CLICKING HERE!

Become a City or County Resolution Advocate!!!

Enacting single-payer universal health care for the state was declared a primary mission by legislators January 26 when they publicly launched a Legislative Caucus for the Minnesota Health Plan (MHP) at a news conference inside the capitol.  Outside, a large crowd of HCAMN supporters celebrated the event in sub-zero weather. 

The legislators are committed to grow the Caucus to get majority votes for the Senate and House MHP  bills, beginning with the 23 Senators (34%) and 35 Representatives (26%) who are already signed on as co-authors.  They now need to see support from local communities and ask for HCAMN’s help.

Because cities, counties, and residents throughout the state can no longer afford commercial health insurance, HCAMN members have answered the call by becoming advocates and getting the City Councils of St. Paul, Duluth, and Osseo to pass the resolution for the MN Health Plan and Medicare for All Act.  (Minneapolis passed a Medicare for All resolution in 2019.)

The Caucus legislators and HCAMN advocates invite you to join them in becoming advocates in your communities.  Learn how by first emailing Don Pylkkanen, don.coact@gmail.com, who will connect you with resources and others in the fight!

Minnesota Health Plan

Learn more about the MN Health Plan and what it means for Minnesotans!

MHP Website