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Medicare Expansion Action Alert

URGENT NEED FOR ADVOCACY! Help us make a difference by filling out the form below to urge Senator Klobuchar to support all four parts of the Medicare expansion proposal in the current budget reconciliation bill being considered. This is critically important and urgent since discussions on Medicare expansion are ongoing and the vote is likely to occur this month. To Healthcare and Health Justice for all!

Ask your rep. to co-sponsor H.R. 1976!

Help us make a difference by contacting your legislator today! The “Medicare for All Act of 2021” is an important piece of legislation that would establish a single-payer national health program in the United States.

Use the form below to contact your representative and ask them to co-sponsor this bill (introduced by lead sponsor Rep. Pramila Jayapal in March of 2021). We have provided the text of an email, but feel free to modify it (e.g. by adding details of your own experiences or health challenges specific to your Congressional district).  If you are in CD4 or 5, you can change the text to thank your representative for supporting the Medicare for All Act (HR 1976)!