Take Action!

Become a City or County Resolution Advocate!!!

Enacting single-payer universal health care for the state was declared a primary mission by legislators January 26 when they publicly launched a Legislative Caucus for the Minnesota Health Plan (MHP) at a news conference inside the capitol.  Outside, a large crowd of HCAMN supporters celebrated the event in sub-zero weather. 

The legislators are committed to grow the Caucus to get majority votes for the Senate and House MHP  bills, beginning with the 23 Senators (34%) and 35 Representatives (26%) who are already signed on as co-authors.  They now need to see support from local communities and ask for HCAMN’s help.

Because cities, counties, and residents throughout the state can no longer afford commercial health insurance, HCAMN members have answered the call by becoming advocates and getting the City Councils of St. Paul, Duluth, and Osseo to pass the resolution for the MN Health Plan and Medicare for All Act.  (Minneapolis passed a Medicare for All resolution in 2019.)

The Caucus legislators and HCAMN advocates invite you to join them in becoming advocates in your communities.  Learn how by first emailing Don Pylkkanen, don@coact.org, who will connect you with resources and others in the fight!

Ask Your State Legislators to Join the MN Health Plan Legislative Caucus!!!

With the launch of the MN Health Plan Legislative Caucus, we ask that your contact your MN state legislators to join the caucus and encourage them to become vocal advocates for the MN Health Plan.  If they are already a member, please still call them to thank them for their support and encourage them to be active and vocal members of the caucus to ensure Health Care for All Minnesotans!



Current MN State Legislature Bills & Signees:

SF 1643: Marty; Johnson Stewart; McEwen; Wiklund; Fateh

SF 1644: Torres Ray; Klein; Wiger; Eaton; Kunesh

SF 1645:  Murphy; Port; Dibble; Newton; Clausen

SF 1646: Carlson; Pappas; Champion; Rest; Dziedzic

SF 1647: Hawj; Isaacson; Cwodzinski


Total Number of Senate Authors: 23


HF 1774: Frazier; Agbaje; Boldon; Keeler; Freiberg; Olson, L.; Schultz; Greenman; Berg; Hollins; Xiong, J.; Hassan; Vang; Lee; Feist; Her; Long; Becker-Finn; Davnie; Huot; Lippert; Noor; Xiong, T.; Gomez; Thompson; Howard; Hornstein; Ecklund; Hanson, J.; Reyer; Hausman; Sundin; Fischer; Masin; Bahner


Total Number of House Authors: 35

Ask Your Representative to Co-Sponsor H.R. 1976!

Help us make a difference by contacting your legislator today! The “Medicare for All Act of 2021” is an important piece of legislation that would establish a single-payer national health program in the United States.

Use the form below to contact your representative and ask them to co-sponsor this bill (introduced by lead sponsor Rep. Pramila Jayapal in March of 2021). We have provided the text of an email, but feel free to modify it (e.g. by adding details of your own experiences or health challenges specific to your Congressional district).  If you are in CD4 or 5, you can change the text to thank your representative for supporting the Medicare for All Act (HR 1976)!